Customized Management Services

for Condominium and Homeowner Association's


The Service Benefits of Working with GrandManors

You may be confident that your community will receive a management program tailored to your needs, whether full service or customized from our menu of options.

  • Local offices, where our dedicated on-site teams can reach out to, give them the support they need in the daily management of amenities
  • Comprehensive management technology with a secure single login
  • Shared services for supporting field operations: GrandManors strives to bring together our Community Manager Success Group (CMSG), Assistant Community Association Manager (ACAM) Central team, Vendor Services, Tax Department, and Insurance services in a central place for higher efficiency.
  • The presence of client success managers means they can fill vacancies when required and successfully transition communities
  • A team of dedicated financial management staff with years of experience with extensive, complex amenities and associations
  • Specialized and standardized training for Community Association Managers (CAMs)
  • The layering of leadership relationships: GrandManors ensures all leaders at their various levels work collaboratively to ensure the smooth running of the community association.
  • Client satisfaction planning
  • Employee engagement on internal and external service improvements
  • Partnership with a larger company and access to more resources
  • Access to experienced leadership and on-site managers
  • Maintenance of a collaborative and inclusive culture from the leadership to the residents and the entire HOA or condominium community

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Financial Management

Not only do we provide monthly financial reports, but our client boards also have access to their very detailed financial information via our unique Board / Management Portal, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our bookkeeping is handled in-house by Financial Managers/Controllers who ensure that your community's financial information is produced accurately and on time.

Our bookkeeping services include:


Board Portal and Mobile Apps

With access to real-time information via our unique Board / Management Portal, GrandManors delivers complete transparency and visibility into what your management team is doing on your behalf. There is only one platform. There is only one login. Your board of directors and management firm are on the same page. Additionally, we have mobile apps that allow you to access information while on the go.






Owner and Resident Support

GrandManors Resident Services call center provides state-of-the-art service and gives an unparalleled depth of resources to your community. It is staffed with real people equipped with real tools and information, resulting in little call rerouting. With an average wait time of 22 seconds, we have a 98 percent service level. Resident calls are answered 85 percent of the time without the requirement for escalation. We even offer an automatic call-back mechanism to avoid long hold times during peak call volumes. 


Deed Restriction Management

We'll provide you with complete access to inspections for deed restriction violations. Our Board / Management Portal shows you when the inspection is planned, the inspection findings, and all infractions in drill-down reports. Also included is an earth-view map of your organization so you can examine the patterns and status of all violations within the community.






Task/Project Management

Board members and community managers can create, update, and monitor tasks in real-time using our Board / Management Portal. To track and manage open issues to completion, we keep track of all open action items. Tasks and work orders guarantee that the board's requirements are communicated to the devoted management team in a clear and concise manner.


Vendor Management

To assure accuracy and timely payments to vendors, we built the most advanced portals in the business. Vendors can send invoices directly into the system through the portal, which speeds up the processing time. Our procedures safeguard the organization by requiring certificates of insurance and licensure, where needed.






Trained and Certified
Community Management Staff

The Community Manager’s main focus is delivering a first-class
service to the association, and working closely with the board to
enforce the Rules and Regulations as outlined in the Governing
Documents. Along with any state-mandated licensure, our community managers must be licensed by the Community Association Institute (CAI). The manager provides leadership and support to all onsite staff including Maintenance, Lifestyle, and Concierge. Strong management skills, customer service skills, and supervisory skills are required.


Architectural Control

We offer cutting-edge mobile software that allows committees and board members to approve applications online. The application and related exhibits are automatically filed into the owner's file, making them digitally accessible.







Collections/Delinquent Accounts

We have an in-house collection team to assist with the delinquent account process and a highly thorough collection system that provides total visibility into the status of delinquencies to the board. With a single click of a button, our management system allows board members to refer an account to their attorney.