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Top Emerging Wellness Trends

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Posted by Amanda Causey on Oct 9, 2019 8:42:00 AM


Your health plays a role in not only weight loss but also stress reduction, heart disease prevention, and the management of chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. You don't want to base your health management solely on wellness trends, but you can benefit from some of this year's best wellness trends for long-term health. Here are some of this year's top wellness trends.

Rise of the Digital Detox

One of the best wellness trends we can all benefit from is a digital detox. We live in a time where we are always plugged to our devices, and this affects us mentally and socially sometimes in a negative way. There are various apps designed to help you monitor the amount of time you spend on social media.  

Online Workout Subscriptions 

We are also seeing an interest in online workout subscriptions as an alternative to the traditional gym membership. These subscriptions are usually cheaper than regular gym memberships, and it's great for those who sometimes feel embarrassed or judged when going to the gym. Online workout subscriptions are also convenient for busy working families who can exercise at home.

Food Delivery Services

Another major wellness trend this year is food delivery services. These meal kits come with diverse healthy ingredients to assist you in preparing delicious meals that are good for your body and mind. Busy families who work late or whose kids are involved in after-school activities would benefit from these services.

Plant-Based Keto Diet

Generally, the keto diet would consist of mostly meat and veggies with very few carbs, but a growing number of people are adopting a plant-based keto diet. Basically, it's a vegetarian version of the diet. The plant-based keto diet would not include starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Instead, you would eat veggies such as cucumbers, celery, spinach, and tomatoes.

Low Impact Workouts

For the past few years, high-intensity workouts were popular, but now we're seeing a rise in the popularity of low-impact exercises such as walking, running, swimming, and Pilates. Low-impact workouts can boost your cardiovascular health, strengthen your joints, and assist with weight loss. Low-impact workouts are also great for people who are just starting a new exercise routine.

Intermittent Fasting

 Some dieters are not just content to just exercise and change their eating habits. This year, many of them added intermittent fasting to their regimen. This is a type of fasting where you would change the times at which you eat your meals. You might eat a light breakfast then go a few hours before you eat your next meal. This could include skipping lunch and afternoon snack and waiting until dinnertime to eat again. Intermittent fasting can also save you money because you're not wasting food by preparing multiple meals in one day.

Gyms For The Kiddos

 Why have gyms just for grownups? We're seeing a growing trend of gyms designed for kids to get fit. In a time when there is a concern about excess screen time and not enough playtime for kids, kids' gyms provide an outlet both for staying in shape and being social with other kids.

Plant-Based Milk

 For those wanting to avoid dairy products but who miss the taste of milk, you're in luck because this year, plant-based milk is a hot trend. Nut milk, in particular, offers some good health benefits. This milk is low in unhealthy fats, provide a combination of mono and polyunsaturated fats, and they are low in cholesterol.

In conclusion, these wellness trends can assist you in maintaining great health for years to come. 

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