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Six DIY Projects to Scale Up Your Curb Appeal This Spring

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Posted by Duane McPherson, CMCA, PCAM® on May 12, 2021 7:59:00 AM

Spring is here, which means more time outside, but it also means looking at what the fall and winter did to the outside of your home. Whether you are planning on selling or love the look of a beautifully decorated outdoor space, there are many ways you can boost your curb appeal. Most projects are easy and can be done in a day with a relatively small budget. Before you get started with one of these small projects that will make a big impact, check with your community association to ensure that these changes are in the community guidelines. 

Tighten the Edge

Edging is one of the easiest ways to give your curb appeal a facelift in a day. Tightening the edging around your landscaping gives a crisp, clear definition between the yard and the house's landscaping, which gives a clean look. There are various edging materials available at your local home improvement store, so if you feel like you need something new, it is easy to switch up the materials and give your landscaping a fresh new look. 

Facade Facelift

DaVinci suggests giving your home a makeover with decorative siding and moldings that accentuate the home's period. If that doesn't sound appealing, there are other ways you can give your facade a facelift, like adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing worn-out shutters with something new. While bigger projects may require professionals — and will definitely need HOA approval — smaller projects like the shutters are a great introductory DIY project. 

Give Your Mailbox Love

Something that most homeowners wouldn't think of is to give their mailbox a touch-up. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or a new stand will make a world of difference on the part of our home that is often seen as utilitarian and not decorative. Check the HOA guidelines to see what types of mailboxes are permitted; it's possible that you can replace your current box with something that has a bit more flair. 

Power Wash

Sometimes the beauty is already there; it is just buried under layers of gunk from the elements. A nice power washing of the siding and windows will bring out your home's natural beauty as well as any flaws that need to be fixed. Power washers are relatively inexpensive but can be dangerous if not used properly, so the job may be better left to a professional. 

Update Your Lighting

Lighting has become art in itself, and there are so many options from which to choose. Updating fixtures on the outside of the house has aesthetic appeal and may even help accentuate some house features that you love. Replacing light fixtures is another easy DIY job; just make sure to turn the power off before you do it. 

Mobile Decor

One of the best, easiest, and most DIY-friendly things you can do to add some curb appeal to your home is to add non-permanent decor to your outdoor space.  Add a pop of color by placing some color plant pots on the front step, create a conversation piece but adding an above-ground pond, even something as simple as a wind chime can add color to the front of your home and can always be moved or taken down when it is time for another change. 

Know Before You Go

Before you head out to the home improvement store, it is important to remember to check with your assassination to make sure your great new ideas comply with the rules. The last thing you want is to spend time and money on fun new decor only to be told you can't have it. Once you get the approval, you will have so much fun upgrading your curb appeal, and it will be like getting a present every time you pull into the driveway. If you have any HOA questions or are looking for someone to manage your association please contact us with any questions you may have. 

Duane McPherson, CMCA, PCAM®

Duane McPherson, CMCA, PCAM®

Over 30 years experience in property and community association management Professional Community Association Manager through the Community Association Institute (CAI) Former GM/CEO of a large-scale association: mixed-use commercial, residential and recreational Contributor to National industry experience