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HOA Annual Meetings: Why They Matter and How to Prepare 

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Posted by Guest Blogger on Mar 10, 2021 9:45:00 AM

A lot unfolds during HOA board meetings, and every member should invest time attending. They are vital to an association's success. At these meetings, the board holds elections, provides a big picture of budget, goals, upcoming projects, governance, and more.


What Entails HOA Annual Meetings Preparations

Planning an HOA meeting can be tough, but by doing a few things right, your board can successfully conduct a meeting that brings all members together. Doing the following will help your board plan and conduct successful annual meetings

  • Review HOA governing documents

Your bylaws are the backbone of your association. They stipulate everything that brings you together, including when the annual meetings should take place. This could be a specific date or day—for example, the first Saturday of the new fiscal year.

You will also want to review state laws on when it is appropriate to hold annual HOA meetings. This is crucial as some states specify the length of time to post notices and agendas.

  • Plan early

It makes no sense to start sending notices at the last minute. Prepare them as early as possible. In essence, it is a good idea to start planning 6 -8 months before the meeting.  Again, make sure to refer to your bylaws and state guideline on the length of time to post notices. In California, for example, just in case you don't hold the meeting inside the 60 days of the date required, HOA members can request the court for an order to schedule a meeting date and time.

If you want to conduct a meeting that has every member involved, you want as a board member to make sure they get the notices as early as possible.

  • Consult with an attorney

 The board needs to involve an attorney regarding your HOA annual meeting. Working with a lawyer will help you remove any suspicion the board may have about the board. Also, if conducting an election, an attorney can help polish some details such as wordings on the election ballots that can result in litigation later if done poorly.

You can also invite related guest speakers to your meeting if that is in line with your bylaws. In essence, the best speakers are those related to your association operations.

  • Set your agenda

As a board, plan, agree and share the agenda on the next meeting in advance. That way, it will be easier for every attendee to understand what is happening, why, and how to prepare. Your agenda, for example, can have time for:

  1. Board nominees
  2. Ballot items
  3. Report from board directors
  4. A time to vote
  • Keep classified matters quiet

Any member information must remain confidential and should only be discussed when appropriate. Board members, therefore, must learn to uphold confidentiality all the time. This includes not holding meetings over coffee, via email, or elsewhere that can result in to spread of incorrect information.

If your bylaws are well-defined, it will help the board safeguard critical information about its member.

  •  Plan your meeting around an event

Just the mention of the word "meeting" does not catch everyone's attention, and that can make it challenging to keep the attendance up. Thankfully, you can do something to ensure more members show up: plan your meeting around an event. It doesn't have to be a big event, but if you have the resources, well and good. Something like a simple meal can go a long way in ensuring your meeting is a success.

Why HOA Annual Meetings Matter

Board meetings are not just meant to bring board members and association members together. They also create an opportunity to review what worked and what failed. Further, they create a chance to plan for the upcoming year. These are the kind of meetings you shouldn't brush off. That said, even if you are not part of the board, ensure to attend regular HOA meetings.

GrandManors have your back!

HOA annual meetings continue to be crucial, and ensuring they happen smoothly and at the right time needs to be your top priority. Support during the planning of these meetings is paramount to ensure their success. We know the value of HOA meetings, and through our experts, we ensure your association gets the right level of support. Get in touch today for custom-tailored professional association management services.

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