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5 Unique Ways To Thank Your Board Members

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Posted by Kimberly Sutherland on Nov 18, 2020 8:30:00 AM

For sure, board members play a crucial role in keeping the community they protect secure and orderly. The fact that most of them work for free for a term of up to four years proves their dedication and commitment to protecting our homes, and more importantly, make our investment worth the while. For this reason, appreciating them for their time and effort should not only be something we do annually but as often as it is possible. 

Just like any other association, disagreements among owners and board members are common. However, we should always keep in mind that despite our perspective of them, their sole objective is to preserve our homes and investments. As Thanksgiving week approaches, let us remember to thank the volunteers who dedicate their time to safeguard us and our resources at all times. 

Handwritten gratitude cards 

The personal aspect of a handwritten card makes it more meaningful because it shows you spared a minute to craft something that shows your appreciation for the member(s) it refers to. It can even be more so if it has a signature or a short message from the president or an executive from the board. While here, make sure to indicate some of their contributions in your card to make it more personalized, and therefore more impactful. You never know, such a simple deed might make the members give more than they did before. 

Thank You Note

Plaques or certificates   

A plaque can also be an excellent way to show your gratitude to board members for their selfless contributions. As simple as it sounds, a plaque or a certificate can go a long way in making them understand that their work over the years means a lot to you and other members of the community. It will also double as a motivation, and therefore boost their productivity for the rest of their remaining terms. 

Alternatively, you can choose something that will be used regularly, such as a decorative desk statuette, which can always serve as a reminder that their voluntary work means a lot to all community members. Whatever you think suits them, make sure to make it unique and special. 

Thank you party   

Hosting a party can be a good time to bring board members, volunteers, and owners together to share a meal and discuss the happenings of the year in regard to the association. This can also provide a moment for members to speak and share their thoughts about the organization's progress and the best way to make it more effective. We all know parties are the best time to catch up with people you don't see often, and a 'thank you party' can serve the purpose accordingly. 

Holiday Guests

Thank you letter for the community newsletter  

Make use of the community newsletter to write out the incredible things that the board members did for you and the community. This can be an effective way to let board members know that you appreciate every person who plays a part to make the community a haven for all the community members. To make it more impactful, get other community members to contribute quotes of thanks and messages that show that even if not said every day, they appreciate the services offered by the board members and volunteers. 

Internal award process     

Some communities have an award process where they nominate and vote for board and staff members who made exceptional contributions over the year. This can be a great opportunity to recognize the members who were most dedicated to their work, which can prove to them that their efforts are never in vain. Appreciation in the form of awards can also enhance cohesion among community members, and in the process, help eliminate feuds that often rock homeowners' associations.


Board members offer themselves to protect your valuable assets, and it should go without saying that they should always be appreciated. Whichever method you choose to show your appreciation, it can go a long way in keeping board members happy, productive, and more focused on keeping you safe.  

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