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What Are Master-Planned Communities?

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Posted by Camille Moore on Apr 12, 2023 1:30:00 PM


Master-planned communities are large, custom-built residential communities. These communities are a form of development envisioned and delivered as a unified community, with clear boundaries and a full range of land uses, employment opportunities, and public facilities and services.

Master-planned communities often have recreational amenities such as golf courses, pools, walking trails, and lakes.

They often have their own schools, shopping and business districts, and other components you might expect to find in a typical suburban town. 

Here are the benefits of living in a master-planned community:

Customized Options 

The notion that master-planned communities are "cookie-cutter" houses that look exactly like all others in the neighborhood is a myth. Homes in master-planned communities are often customizable.

Builders often provide homebuyers with a vast array of customizable options when it comes to design, both for the exterior and interior of the home.

Homebuyers often have the ability to design a custom landscape, choose exterior and interior paint colors, choose roofing and flooring, and a multitude of other details that will set you apart from your neighbors. 

Sense of Community 

A master-planned community isn't just a place to call home. It's also a community where homeowners can participate in community meetings and attend neighborhood community events.

As a resident of the community, you'll find many opportunities to build relationships with your neighbors and foster that sense of community.

Master-planned communities also often offer easy access to open green spaces and local meeting areas for kids, neighbors, and members of the community to gather in a safe, family-friendly atmosphere. 

Exclusive Amenities 

Every area has its popular destinations for activities and entertainment, but those things are just a few steps away when you live in a master-planned community. 

Property Value 

Another benefit of living in master-planned communities is that added security and stable property value. This means there is a certain standard maintained in the exteriors of the homes in your area. 

Safety and Security 

Many homeowners choose a master-planned community for the safety and security they may offer. Some communities have 24-hour security, gated entrances, and community watch groups. 

It's not uncommon to find a small police or fire station on the property. With a high walkability score and less traffic, these communities may seem safer for children who like to play outdoors, walk to school, or hang out at the playground or swimming pool when school lets out. 

Active Management 

Most master-planned communities are managed by a professional management team that works to maintain the grounds and the community’s amenities. 

Visibility into the Future 

Since master-planned communities are typically large enough to create self-sufficient environments that offer residents a multitude of offerings within a short walk or drive.

Master-planned communities are often conveniently located with the master plan considering uses such as retail, office, and medical use. 

Master-planned communities are often created with strict architectural guidelines for the construction of new homes and modifications of built homes, along with covenants for maintaining landscaping. The goal is to create both variety and cohesiveness, for an overall look that is visually pleasing. 

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