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How to Build a Social Committee for Social Events and Social Clubs in Your HOA

Posted by Staff Writer on Jul 3, 2019 8:19:00 AM

group-of-friends-eating-outdoorsBuilding a social committee for your HOA is a great way to increase interaction among members. From garage sales to book clubs, such a committee can plan and promote a variety of social events. Establishing the committee is serious work, however, and before the fun comes committee structure and assignments. If you're planning a social committee for your HOA, here are a few tips to get you started:

Communicate With Your Board

Most association bylaws permit only the board members to establish committees. The board must understand why the committee is needed and how much funding the committee will receive. For those interested in forming and serving on the committee, a detailed plan to present to the board might help guide their decision. 

Decide where the committee will meet, how often, and who will chair the committee. When presenting the idea to the board, ask anyone who is interested in volunteering to attend the presentation. If enough members demonstrate enthusiasm for the social committee idea, the board might just get excited too. 

Types of Committee Structures

A strong committee needs leadership, as in a committee chair. Other committee positions such as secretary and treasurer are necessary for recording minutes and managing the budget.

The social committee is really a subcommittee of the HOA board. As such, it has a responsibility to report to the board. There are three kinds of subcommittees:

  • Ad-hoc—Addresses a specific issue or event. Once the issue is resolved or the event ends, the ad hoc committee is dissolved.
  • Fixed or Standing—These types of committees go on indefinitely and address specific functions. On-going, seasonal, or yearly events are typical responsibilities of a fixed committee. Fixed committees are often an extension of the board and are usually noted in the association's bylaws.
  • Mandatory—If committees are specifically named in the bylaws or other governing documents, then those specific committees are considered mandatory. 

The Who, What, & Why of Social Committees

No matter what type of committee you develop, those who serve will do so as volunteers. While everyone's time is limited, choosing association members with a variety of talents and skills can create a great synergy moving forward.

Developing events that are fun and inviting for members of all ages takes creativity. That's why who you appoint to the committee and what they decide to plan is so important for true engagement, which brings us to the why 

Social functions provide members with an opportunity to meet and greet one another. The interaction may lead to future board engagement or at the very least, an offer to help with future events.

Celebrating summer with a community BBQ or old-fashioned ice cream social demonstrates to the members that there's fun to be had within their own community. Clubs for book enthusiasts and for those enjoy walking bring together members who share a common interest.

About GrandManors

Serving on a social committee is a great way to give back to your community and to enjoy those who live next to and around you. An investment of your free time toward the place you call home will pay dividends as members enjoy fun activities with one another.

At GrandManors, we provide professional on-site community management for all types of luxury lifestyles. Our services include management of the following types of communities:

  • High-Rise Condos
  • Active Adult 
  • Master-Planned 
  • Mixed-Use 
  • Golf and Country Clubs

We work with developers who are developing lifestyle-oriented communities. We also work with boards in need of quality property management. If your association board has an interest in developing a social committee, contact us. Our professional and highly-experienced team understands what it takes to develop strong community engagement and how the right social committee can make it happen. 

Take your association membership to the next level by investing in GrandManors as your community management company of choice. We take great pride in our work and in the communities that we serve. Learn how we can help you by reaching out to us today. 


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