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HOA Décor to Promote Unity and Creativity in the Community

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Posted by Staff Writer on Mar 13, 2019 8:04:00 AM


When it comes to outdoor decorating for the holidays, not everyone has the same taste. An HOA yard display of seasonal decorations may appear tasteful to one member and tacky to another. HOA community managers and board members often find neighborhood-wide decorations based upon a unified theme helpful in controlling this issue. A unified theme based upon each holiday allows for individual creations that compliment the community and showcases member creativity. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Adding a splash of color to your outdoor decor is easy with the pastel colors of Easter and the bright colors of spring flowers. A unifying theme of mailbox decorations is a great idea for HOA members. Wreaths around the box or tulle arrangements placed over the top are simple ways to celebrate the arrival of spring. Pinterest is a great source for ideas and DIY wreaths and decorative tulle arrangements. 

Bunny Crossing Signs—A fun idea for a neighborhood-wide spring decoration are bunny crossing signs. Encourage uniformity by issuing dimensions and consider offering a sign making class. Charge a small fee to cover project expenses and let the creativity begin!


Celebrate summer with by hosting a community cookout. As part of the event, announce the summer neighborhood-wide decoration for the upcoming months. Fun yet simple ideas families can make together include potted sunflowers, pinwheels for the yard, and children-at-play signs.

A patriotic theme around the Fourth of July can include a wreath project involving bandanas or clothespins. Again, this project makes for a fun and engaging community event by providing a class for members.


Neighborhood-wide decorations are especially fun during the fall. Scarecrows and pumpkins are just two ideas for multiple decorating ideas. A stack of pumpkins featuring house numbers is a great community-wide decoration.

Scarecrows are a project the entire family can enjoy. Making a scarecrow requires a little time and creativity. Encourage members to vote for the best scarecrow and announce the winner at a fall gathering.


The winter season brings the magic of the holidays in lighted trees and displays. Reindeer crossing signs, following the similar format of the spring bunny crossing signs, are a fun, unified decoration. Consider a winter wonderland theme and encourage hanging snowflake decorations from porches and trees. The winter wonderland theme is one that can continue beyond the holiday.

Winter and the holiday season is a time when you'll want to remind everyone of the HOA rules regarding outside decorations. Creating a neighborhood-wide decoration for members to implement may result in better engagement and more enthusiasm for the holidays.

All Year DIY

Hands-on craft projects are quickly becoming popular community events. Paint nights and other projects bring people out of hibernation and socializing with friends. Most people want to do a craft but simply don't have the time. By establishing craft nights at your local community center, you'll not only encourage networking, but you'll also help member create tasteful decorations.

All Year Universal

Consider developing a craft or project that is universal in nature. A great example is something that relates to the community or town. For example, if the area is a large apple producer, then an apple project for the neighborhood is an idea. Using something the area is famous for ties the neighborhood to the overall community.

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