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Why Curb Appeal Matters for Onsite Managed Associations

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Posted by Staff Writer on Jan 3, 2017 8:00:00 AM


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”…. We have all heard this before, and it is particularly the case when it comes to your home.  Curb appeal is not just a catchphrase used by television personalities on HGTV.  It is the first step in an ever-growing list of requirements in determining if a home fits your personality.  Let’s face it- your home is a direct reflection of you.  Your home is a virtual showcase, providing a venue for friends, family, and others to experience what is important to you. 
For onsite managed single-family communities and luxury high-rises, first impressions are everything.  Potential buyers start to form opinions the minute they enter a property.   Curb appeal is truly the first glimpse into how well a property is maintained.  Many buyers, almost unknowingly, directly associate exterior appearance to the quality of the interior.  In fact, studies have shown that curb appeal is so important, that many potential buyers who form unfavorable opinions of a property’s exterior or common areas will not even consider the community

Communities with onsite management not only expect, but also rely on their management team to protect and maintain the property’s image.   Part of managing an on-site community is managing the property’s “public image.”  Public image is inherently tied to perceived value, and perceived value can translate to higher sales points for your clients. 

Paying close attention to common areas, landscaping, and lighting will go a long way in satisfying your clients.  Curb appeal can be dramatically improved by giving attention to a few focal points.  You can start by focusing on some of the most important areas that surround your property, such as the front entrance.   Freshening up the landscaping around this area can improve the appearance of the property instantly.  Keep your property clean! This is the least expensive way to improve your community’s curb appeal.  

Above all, curb appeal conveys the image of a successfully managed and desirable community!  An aesthetically pleasing ambiance contributes to your clients’ quality of life and their overall regard for their home. 

Satisfied clients equal successful management.

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