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Understanding the Benefits of On-Site Community Association Management

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Posted by Camille Moore on Feb 15, 2023 3:00:00 PM


On-site community association management offers a unique experience that comes with lots of benefits. In these communities, an on-site manager works on the property and oversees many of the daily operations.

Most tasks tend to overlap with those of the off-site managers, but specific services set the on-site managers apart from their off-site colleagues.

Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of on-site community association management.

Customized Service Delivery

An on-site community association manager, often have the title of General Manager, which is fitting because they have to be general experts on numerous topics.

Pools, traffic, billing, accounting, collections, enforcement, landscape maintenance, and tree maintenance are all often under their purview. 

As such, they can usually offer solutions customized to your community and needs such as a community sports team, event planning, and recreational programs.

On-site Community Association Managers work in the community.  So, they're enmeshed in your community,  in the know of the daily happenings within, and can build strong professional relationships with residents and business owners. 

Interest in the Investment

Although people tend to buy houses as their homes, they are also often the biggest investment someone will own.

The property owners in your community are looking to get a good return on that financial investments.

An on-site Community Association Manager can work with all the stakeholders to focus on long-term strategic planning to find ways to elevate the communities' brand and value.

The result of this planning will positively impact every aspect of your community from relationships to neighboring areas, amenities, resident satisfaction, and of course, property values. 

Site Inspections and Surveillance

An on-site association manager is going to be much more familiar with the community than a typical portfolio manager.  

An on-site manager will be able to better monitor the premises to identify problems such as burnt-out street lights, broken sprinklers, and security issues before they are reported by a resident.

In addition, on-site association managers can oversee property inspections for violations more closely. 


A Selling Point for the Property

Homeowners can rest easy with the assurance of a professional, on-site community association manager overseeing their community. 

Communities with on-site community managers often have higher property values, are maintained to a higher standard, and therefore, are a better investment. 


On-Site Community Association Management is the Way to Go

Transitioning from portfolio management to a part or full-time on-site general manager can be a difficult decision. It isn’t right for every community but we can help you weigh the costs and benefits.  

Contact us to schedule a free consultation meeting to help you evaluate your options and the best fit for your community. 

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