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The Benefits of Living in a Mixed-Use Community

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Posted by Duane McPherson, CMCA, PCAM® on Jun 21, 2023 3:00:00 PM


Having a home in a mixed-use community is an investment you can never regret. You can easily distinguish mixed-use communities from single-use neighborhoods. They are active for more extended periods, retaining a lively atmosphere most of the day.

There is more besides commercial and retail uses next to your home in a mixed-use community. These developments may be close to shopping centers. They have all businesses that serve the local community and help you in your everyday needs in one place.

This neighborhood provides you with a lifestyle alternative. You don't have to live in the suburbs or a residential-only community. You enjoy the following benefits when you live in a mixed-use community.

1. Convenience

The most important goal of a mixed-use development is to bring everything you need in one location. You get easy access to retail stores, dining, and leisure hubs. These developments are also close to essential services like banks, schools, and hospitals.

Mixed-use developments mostly feature a well-developed transportation system.  You can choose to walk because most of what you need is comfortable within walking distance.


2. Economy

You can consider a mixed-use real estate development property a safe investment. It offers a wide range of tenants and uses. Whether you choose to live in it or rent it out, be sure you will get economic value from it.

You save money on commuting and fuel because most of the services and facilities you need are nearby.  Since walkable neighborhoods allow you to move about with ease, you conserve energy.


3. Environmental Sustainability

Residents are likely to walk in mixed-use developments lowering their carbon impact. Furthermore, cycling helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by conventional cars.

Modern mixed-use properties are also known for their energy efficiency. Today's developers are more careful about how their decisions affect the environment. On the other hand, buyers are environmentally conscious and willing to pay a premium for homes with green features.


4. The Neighborhood

A mixed-use complex fosters a strong sense of community as well. Dining, shopping, health, and other lifestyle hubs give you different opportunities to socialize.

Buying anything  is frequently a transaction with a local business or person. You get to meet locals at stores and venues. It enables human contact that is close to impossible in a vehicle. People who live in mixed-use settings may feel less isolated. They have many places to walk and socialize with other people.

Walking around and within facilities in the neighborhood encourages people to be more active. More activity enhances socialization and friendship among neighbors. The well-managed premises and open spaces strengthen your sense of serenity and well-being.


5. Security

Another advantage of mixed-use communities is their safety. Neighbors look out for one another. The result is lower crime rates in mixed-use neighborhoods. According to studies, more people and activity can lead to safer streets. People are less likely to engage in criminal activities with so much going on around them.



Individuals or families who are comfortable engaging with others and don't need a lot of personal space can enjoy living in a mixed-use community. You can find huge, open places nearby, but a group frequently shares them. You stand to enjoy significant benefits if you live in a mixed-use neighborhood.

At GrandManors, we provide management services for HOA/condos in luxury communities. Our highly-skilled staff knows the work needed to maintain a high-quality lifestyle for residents.

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Duane McPherson, CMCA, PCAM®

Duane McPherson, CMCA, PCAM®

Over 30 years experience in property and community association management Professional Community Association Manager through the Community Association Institute (CAI) Former GM/CEO of a large-scale association: mixed-use commercial, residential and recreational Contributor to National industry experience