Executive Team

Donn Gilray

Director of Accounting
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”                                                     - Leonardo Da Vinci


Donn has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and an MBA with an emphasis on accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas.

What I love about GrandManors

"Throughout my time in the Homeowner Association management industry, I have recognized the need for personal relationships. The growing legislative landscape and administrative needs placed on managers has taken a toll on the managers’ ability to maintain good relationships with board members and owners."

At GrandManors, great effort has been taken to automate much of the administrative tasks to give back the time the manager needs to be a part of the community. Much of the information regarding the management of the community has been made live in CiraNet and is accessible from any internet-connected device at any time.

I enjoy helping board members understand their financial reports and making the information understandable. CiraNet software allows GrandManors to provide transparent and up to date information to help board members make better financial decisions for their communities. This interaction with board members and being able to resolve concerns is truly rewarding.


After a Navy career of operating nuclear reactors on submarines, Donn entered the world of financial management for community associations. His tenure spans several national association management companies, giving him a deep cross-section of knowledge.

Innovative from the start, Donn has led the industry in automation, efficiency and enhanced customer service of accounting and billing processes. He successfully took a national company live with shared services, which launched him into branch leadership, bringing his expertise full circle.

RealManage was fortunate when Donn began a software search for better solutions and discovered CiraConnect. He recognized the fully integrated software platform would solve the challenges currently experienced in the industry. Completely impressed with the power and breadth of CiraConnect, Donn chose to work for RealManage. During his time as a RealManage financial manager, he worked with teams throughout the US.

Known for his ability to listen to the needs of board members and find solutions to make financial reports meaningful, coupled with his deep knowledge of CiraConnect, Donn now leads the GrandManors accounting group.

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Lifestyle HOA Management Services