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Creating a Maintenance Chart for Your Association

Posted by Kimberly Sutherland on Jun 16, 2021 10:45:00 AM

The driving goal behind homeowner associations is to benefit through sharing. Pools are expensive, but we all get a pool by sharing the cost. Keeping an expansive lawn is lavish for one purpose, but becomes a community park when shared and everyone benefits. Shared responsibility can cover the cost of regular maintenance and predictable repairs infinitely. But maintaining an entire community isn't always so enjoyable. Unexpected and costly repairs are sometimes also shared in ways that are financially heavy on the community members.

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Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Annual Meetings: Why They Matter and How to Prepare 

Posted by Guest Blogger on Mar 10, 2021 9:45:00 AM

A lot unfolds during HOA board meetings, and every member should invest time attending. They are vital to an association's success. At these meetings, the board holds elections, provides a big picture of budget, goals, upcoming projects, governance, and more.

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Topics: HOA | Condo Committees, HOA | Condo Communication, HOA | Condo Homeowner Responsibilities & Education, HOA | Condo Board and Annual Meetings

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