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Understanding HOA Reserve Funds

Posted by Jennifer Harvey on Aug 25, 2021 9:40:00 AM

A homeowner' association board has a role in ensuring its community runs flawlessly and with financial stability. However, the association may encounter a huge or unanticipated expense, such as a leak in the clubhouse roofing. If that happens, and the regular dues are not adequate to cover the unexpected expenses, the HOA's reserve fund comes in very handy.

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5 Strategic Ways to Deliver Bad News to The Owners — A Guide for Boards

Posted by Jennifer Harvey on Apr 21, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Delivering bad news is difficult. This is why successful HOA Board Members will go to any length to ensure the news is delivered in a way that minimizes conflict and frustration. As a board member, it's normal to feel ambivalence when delivering bad news. 

Reasons A Board Would Need to Deliver Bad News. 

One of the significant roles of a board is to enact and enforce rules, regulations as well as policies that enhance or maintain the health, well-being and safety of a homeowner's association (HOA). Nevertheless, as a board member, it's inevitable that at some point, you'll have to announce bad news to your unit-owners or shareholders. Bad news messages include capital projects that have fallen behind schedule, circumstances like mold remediation that might temporarily displace residents and parking lot resurfacing, leading to limited parking for some days. Other types of bad news include: 

  • Increased dues
  • Temporal or permanent closing of an amenity
  • Adjustments of rental rates
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How to Recycle Your Tree After the Holidays

Posted by Jennifer Harvey on Dec 18, 2019 9:29:00 AM

The holiday festivities are over, all of the presents have been opened, the meals have been eaten, and a once beautiful Christmas tree is wearing out its welcome. Now what? As the National Christmas Tree Association points out, if you have a real Christmas tree, it is biodegradable. The most common ways to recycle to a Christmas tree are to leave it on the curb for recycling pickup or chop it up for yard waste pickup, but there are some great alternatives.

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